A Brief on “Gin”

Gin is a vibrant drink, which has a glorious past and a vibrant future. It’s a unique spirit flavoured with a variety of botanicals while predominant flavour being Juniper. While gin is often seen as England’s traditional spirit, its origins are very much from over the sea. Juniper has been used to flavour spirits almost since the invention of distillation, both for its perceived medicinal qualities as well as its flavour, but it is only since the 17th century that the beginnings of modern gin started to appear.



The invention of genever, Dutch-style gin, is often attributed to Franciscus Sylvius in the early-mid 1600s. However, gin’s current story starts when it hopped the English Channel and became well known in Britain after William of Orange took the English throne in 1688. Due to a low taxation, locally produced gin was cheap to make and thus cheap to buy – gin’s popularity exploded. With the spread of British power, the popularity of Gin also increased, now it’s tailor-made to suit the taste of locals.

Name Gin is shortened from the old English word Juniper.


Production Methods-

Several different techniques have evolved since the origin of Gin, but we can broadly categorise them in three categories-

1) Pot Distilled Gin:

It’s the earliest style of Gin, it includes pot distilling grain mesh from Barley or any other grain and re-distilling it with botanical extracts to add the aroma.

2) Column Distilled Gin:

It is produced by first distilling high proof (e.g. 96% ABV) neutral spirits from a fermented mash.The fermentable base for this spirit may be derived from grain, sugar beets, grapes, potatoes, sugar cane, plain sugar, or any agricultural product.  The highly concentrated spirit is then redistilled with juniper berries and other botanicals in a pot still.

3) Compound Gin:

It is made by simply flavouring neutral spirits with essences or other “natural flavourings” without redistillation, and is not as highly regarded as distilled gin.




Classical Gin Cocktails:

Martini is most famous cocktail made with Gin, apart from it White Lady, Moon River, Gimlet, Gibson, Vesper are also some of the well-known cocktails.


Famous Brands:

Beefeater, Gordon’s, Plymouth, Seagram’s Quebec, Cork Dry Gin, Bombay Sapphire Gin are some of the well-known brands of Gin.


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