Top 5 Fresh Beer Brewing Outlets


The Classroom:


The Classroom is your destination for reliving the old classroom days. It is a classroom themed bar with amazing food and drinks. The pub extends over 3 floors and has a beautiful sitting on the terrace with unique names of drinks and having a bar counter named Ramu Kaka ki Canteen which takes its goofiness to the next level making it to the top our charts today. Other than housing pool table and board games, the best thing about this place being the focal point for each floor are certainly the huge tankers with freshly brewed beer. They have freshly brewed 4 house brews- Dark, Blonde, White, Triple. Out of which white beer is my favourite and a must try.


Agent Jacks Bidding Bar:


The amazing thing about this place is this innovative drink bidding concept which is unique and comes with a lot of fun. When you enter Agent Jack’s bidding bar, the rustic and minimalistic decor gives you an impression of being in a dimly lit but quite spacey dungeon with top notch air conditioning. You can download the Agent Jack’s Bar app from play store and start your bidding for the drink you desire.


It’s more fun when you go with a bunch of friends as the bidding is exciting and the wacky responses on the screen are highly entertaining. Food is great and their signature cocktail blends well with your pocket. They have an exquisite range of mocktails and cocktails, aside from their freshly brewed Belgian Wheat beer which is their highest selling beer and a must-try here.

Taka Maka:


Miss sailing on a cruise in Goa? Then you must visit this place, it is a three- floored club with a cruise like an ambience. Known by the name Taka Maka, taken its name from an African Luxurious Cruise. It serves amazing food and gives an elaborated drinks menu of 16 pages to choose from. It leaves no stone unturned to give the best cruise like club experience which in the end leaves your taste buds wanting for more. This place gains its popularity from its well executed Brewery German Craft Beer, which serves some fine beer along with a great variety of cocktails and mocktails.




Much like the other restaurant in NCR, it serves fine food and drinks. The nice thing about this place is its variety in brewed beer like apple cider and peach beer. The place is space-y, unlike many other places in Gurugram, with hassle free parking, comforted laid sitting as well as garden dining. The outer elevation paints a picture which tempts visitor to walk in and experience the huge story this outlet stands to tell. 




Scrumptious food, great beer and prompt service are the hallmarks of this place. Add to it signature music, which gels with the theme is a perfect hangout for all generations alike looking for some leg and head spin. The delicious and freshly brewed beer is a non-misser. The place mostly gets crowded as the night advances. The place reminds you and takes you to an era where boombox and radios were the trends of the day.