5 Dangerous Drinks…




The Liquor Hospitality industry has always kept its audience amused with its innovations and experiments when it comes to drinks. So be it an amusing mixture of multiple brands and types of liquor or adding unsupposing elements to them, the witty and the mighty bartenders and taste developers have never caused our curiosity to be getting killed.

But what happens when this experimentation is taken to the extremes – here is a compilation of five such dangerous drinks which despite being intuitive begs a cautionary call on behalf of the drink connoisseurs.

Nitrogen Cocktails:

Liquid nitrogen, when mixed with cocktails and juices, are termed as, Nitrogen Cocktail. Some trendy bars use it to create a smoking effect on the drink and spill a little on top to make some smoky vapours, so the vapours evaporate by the time it is consumed.


However, it’s quite dangerous as it boils at −196 °C and if someone consumes it before it completely evaporates, it can prove to be quite lethal. As it has a very low temperature, consumption can lead to severe damage of body tissues, can cause frostbite and some chronic injuries. If ingested, it can lead to severe damage of mouth, stomach and the oesophagus track. A huge amount of gas is released when the nitrogen evaporates, if taken before the smokes set off, it can burst the stomach. Therefore, nitrogen drinks should be made and consumed under professional guidance.


A new trend in town, it speeds up the effect of alcohol, minus the hangover, no carbs and no calories. It is a trend discriminated by many, due to its hazardous effects. Here, the alcohol is heated to 140°F, and the alcohol fumes are inhaled.


As inhaling fumes completely bypass the body’s natural defence mechanism, the person might not realise the excess amount he has consumed which can lead to alcohol poisoning. As the fumes are directly passed to blood via lungs, it causes no effect on stomach and liver, but it can definitely affect the Lungs and damage brain cells. Many people while trying to heat the alcohol have burnt themselves and their houses according to the London Fire Brigade. Many countries are thinking to ban the Vaportini.

Oxygen Shots:

Introduced in the U.S. in 1990, it caught on the trend. It’s a known fact oxygen in the atmosphere keeps us alive, however too much of anything can do us more harm than good. In these oxygen bars, people sniff or breathe from a plastic cannula attached to their nostrils. Many people opt for flavoured oxygen; the oxygen gas is pumped through the aroma vessel on their way to the nostril.


It has been claimed that our body is oxygen deprived, and that intake of oxygen can cure cancer and remove toxins from our body. It’s also said that oxygen can reduce stress, induce energy and alertness, strengthen the immune system. Though none of this has been proven yet. Our atmosphere has 21% oxygen and our bodies have evolved accordingly, our heart pumps blood with 97% oxygen. Hence the question that arises is, Is there a need to intake an extra 40% oxygen in our system when we are used to 21%? The answer is not necessarily. However, people do review it as “reinvigorating experience”. But it’s wise to remember that too much of something is not always good.

Flaming Cocktails:

Famous cocktails like Flaming Sambuca and Blue Blazer cocktail are the ones that have an active alcohol ingredient in them; maybe in small or particularly large amount, which is then ignited before consumption.


An important fact is that the drink should not be consumed while it is set on flames. Several precautions should be taken by the bartender and the consumer to ensure safety. Many reports have seen people burning their face while drinking the cocktail while the flame is ablaze. Many people tend to sniff the alcohol vapours after extinguishing the flames. Though no long-term side effect has been seen, it does give a headache.

Everclear Shots:

The reason it is so dangerous is that of its alcohol content which is 95%. A small amount of it will do the job and regular dose will probably send your liver and body through major damage.


Everclear drinkers claim that its hangover is different from the usual hangover while some say they don’t have a hangover from everclear. The important fact here is a number of calories that 285 per shot. So, sure it will get you extremely drunk in one shot but would provide a gift of 285 calories. No wonder why it is still banned in 11 countries.