A drink together brings people closer. And as we raise a toast, that first sip runs a million thoughts in our mind and creates happy memories.  Such is the plan with which Cheers! came into existence. Great stories deserve the best drinks. And great drinks create the best of stories.


These days there is an explosion in the number of pubs and bars and we are spoilt for choice. We’ve often heard complaints from those who love to step out for drinks, that they don’t know where to head for a perfect evening. So here we are trying to give you the best from the wonderful world of liquor that too at beyond compare venues.


We provide subscribed members one drink of their choice for zero cost, at different venues every single day. Members are also entitled to a large number of other unmatched nightlife experience benefits. With its pioneering service, it has set up a whole new affair for those who love to explore.


It provides you with information regarding tasteful liquor and places that serve the same. Through its blog, newsletters and the app itself, a subscribed member is updated about everything from the World of Liquor.


While we feel we’ve arrived at the right place, at the right time, we would love to have your company through this high-spirited journey.


Our Story

Cheers is an attempt to fill the discoverability gaps and establish an integrated party ecosystem. We strive to get our subscribers a platform using which they may explore and review new venues every time they head out.

It was the day we heard the phrase “Best things in life are free” we took it on as a mission to create something like “Cheers!” ( Bet you are wishing why didn’t we come across this phrase sooner). But Cheers is more than just that.

  • Discover new places – @Cheers!, we have best outlets across selected Indian cities as our partners. Cheers give you that perfect boost to overcome that “fear of new thing”.
  • Party hoppers – For some of us, a perfect evening doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t extend into the next day.
  • Aid venue owners to continually engage and endeavour to provide better experiences – With our dedicated analytical tools, our partners utilise the feedback in a more intelligent way.