Craft Beer 1.0

Nowadays there is a whole lot of rage about craft beer and in these series of blogs to come, we will try to tell and simultaneously learn as much about craft beer as we can.


Whenever I talk to a beer lover I can see a spark, a passion in them when they talk about their love for beer, which is rare to be found. Beer is a very subjective matter to them.

Craft beer is mainly the beer, which is brewed in a microbrewery and not in a large scale corporate brewery. A microbrewery is one, where beer is produced in small amounts.

Beer has some distinguished features such as-

  • Appearance
  • Mouth-feel
  • Aroma
  • Flavour

And as far as the ingredients are concerned there are

  • Malt
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Water

In India first microbrewery was opened in Pune in 2009, named Doolally. Mumbai’s first microbrewery is The Barking Deer,

which features the most authentic craft beer. Microbreweries in India are not just limited to metro cities but it’s very popular among people living in the Himalayas as well. Chhang is loved by ethnically Nepalese and Tibetan people and to a lesser degree by the neighbouring nations of India and Bhutan. Rice beer or Handia has been traditionally produced by indigenous tribes of India. Millet beer is also produced by some sections. Even elephants have acquired a taste for rice beer as there has been the instance of their herd attacking tribal huts to drink it.

So enjoy your beer the way you like freshly brewed or trusting the established brands.