What is ‘Cheers!’ ?

Umm it’s difficult to straightjacket Cheers! to a particular category. If we were to list, it is a discovery tool, a socialising platform, a Free-Drink enabler, a premium experience assurer…. (we’ll keep adding as we come across more adjectives.)

So how does it work ?

It’s rather straightforward after you install the app, you get to view a listing of bars, pubs in your city. Thereupon ‘Cheers! members’ can simply choose one of them to visit and get their One Free Drink for that Day.

“Free Drinks!” you say, how can I be one of the Cheers! Member ?

For introductory phase, the membership is open for everyone (with certain filtration) until a particular number is achieved. There on the membership will be on invite-only basis.

How much does the Cheers! Membership cost ?

Introductory pricing for Cheers! membership:

Monthly – ₹333/- (Covers 30+ drinks and much more)

Annual – ₹999/- (Covers 365+ drinks and much more)

Can I avail my Cheers! drink on weekends too?

“Inspiration can hit you at any time”

Once you’re covered with Cheers! subscription, head out to any of your favourite outlets at any time (subject to opening hours of the outlet as specified in the app), be it any day of the week, your Cheers! drink will be waiting for you.

Do I get to choose the type of my ‘free drink’ ?

Isn’t everything about choices!

Cheers! Members too get an array of choices to choose their Free Drink of the Day. Simply browse to the bar/pub page. Right at the bottom, scroll through the drinks listed by that bar/pub.

We’re sure as a Cheers! Member ‘lack of options’ would never be a reason again to go dry.

Wait a minute, is that it?, there must be a catch!

No catch (we hate that T&C star).

Simply subscribe to a Cheers! Membership and Enjoy One Free Drink Everyday, for the entire duration of the period subscribed.

How many drinks do I get for free ?

A Cheers! Member get One Free Drink, Everyday, at One of the Cheers! Partner Venue.

So for instance, if you have subscribed to the annual plan, you get 365 free drinks in total.

Which all venues can I visit as Cheers! Members to enjoy my One Free Drink ?

Cheers! Membership entails you to a premium experience. So we hand-pick venues selectively and liaison with them to ensure a premium experience for the members.

Ok, my greed is poking me for sometime now, is there any other benefit apart from ‘Daily Free Drink’ as a Cheers! Member ?

Well, ‘more is better’!

We are on path to build a Cheers! Membership an enviable proposition.

VIP access to select clubs, exclusive Cheers! Events, Cheers! goodies (‘Vices’, if you may), assorted premium lounge/nightclub discounted packages.. and the list is ambitious, are some of the added benefits which will be soon flowing to Cheers! members.