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OktoberFest is the worlds largest beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany.This year it’s being held from Saturday 16th September to Wednesday 4th October.Originally it was held for the first time in 1810, Million of liters of beer is consumed and people are more than happy to become Beer Leicher, meaning Beer Corpse.

We invite you all to endless fun and unlimited beer to celebrate this festival.

This event transforms the Bavarian fields into a flood of people high on beer and bent upon having amazing experiences.Women dressed in traditional dimal, while men in leather trousers or shorts.During the fest, beer is allowed to come only from six microbreweries within the city wall.


Cheers is never short of ways to make your parties more fun.cheers along with partner outlets has brought October Fest to town.Just download our app and get beer mania at any of the partner microbreweries in just 499/- and enjoy fresh unlimited beer.You don’t need to buy tickets or wait outside the camp just hop from one bar to another.

Wake up before September ends!

Drink and don’t think!  choose your beer and choose your bar with us! After all of your plans just to be in Gurgaon this year so that you can see what Oktoberfest is all about.There is a variety of breweries with different kind of ambience and interiors and ample type of free beer ranging from dark ale, Red lager to cream ale, Belgian Wheat Beer.

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